Our products are made from the highest quality Rockwell hardness tested 7075 T-6 forged aluminum. At this time we supply the eighty percent lowers, mill fixtures, Enhanced Trigger Guards, and forgings. Check back frequently  for our continual growing line of AR15 parts and components including upper receivers, hand guards, muzzle brakes and flash hiders. 

Note: Call in for bulk pricing.

80% AR Lower:


Our  AR15 lowers are finished to 80% and then you finish the rest by "home machining". There are also companies that you can visit that provide the mills necessary for this. Below is all you have to finish.

1) Machine out fire control pocket including trigger slot
2) Drill trigger pin hole
3) Drill hammer pin hole
4) Drill selector lever hole

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    80% AR2 White
  • AR15 Mill Fixture:


    Our mill fixture assembly makes finishing off your AR much simpler. Whether you are using a drill press or a DRO this fixture will guide you to a smooth finish.
    Note: If you are finishing off an anodized lower we suggest using a protective layer of painters tape on the lower while you have it in the jig. This will protect the cosmetics of your anodized lower from scratches you would get from the fixture and pieces of metal coming off of it. This only applies to the anodized lowers and not the plain machined lowers.


    We now offer the mill fixture with steel plates.  AR10 Mill Fixtures coming soon.


    Our accessories are made in the U.S.A.  Check back for new parts that will be available in the near future.

    Raw Forgings:


    Our forgings are NOT CASTINGS! The difference is: a casting is when the aluminum is melted to the point it can be poured into a sand mold. It is then cooled and removed. A forging is when the aluminum is heated to the point of being malleable, not liquid, and then is forced into a steel mold. A forging is far superior.​ It retains all of its strength. Castings lose their strength properties after the mold.

    Also, a forging can be anodized but a casting cannot. Castings can only be painted.

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    AR15 Upper Receiver
    Upper Receiver


    Made from 7075-T6 aluminum, here in the U.S.A.

    6-Position AR15 Carbine Stock Kit

    6-Position AR15/M4 Carbine Stock


    Complete Kit – Black

    Brand:  Global Military Gear

    Complete stock kit for AR-15 includes polymer M45-style stock, commercial buffer tube, buffer, buffer spring, end plate, and lock ring.  The buttstock fits commercial buffer tubes. 

    Part # BSAR15

    16200 S. Garfield Ave. Paramount CA 90723

    16200 S. Garfield Ave. Paramount CA 90723